Turkey sets the trends in furniture


Mobsad Deputy Chairman Cuneyt Yanikcioglu: “Turkey sets the trends in furniture”

* Targeting 10 billion dollars of exports in 2023 the Turkish furniture industry, which sells products to China, aimed to be fifth largest in the world.

Deputy chairman of Mobsad, Association of Furniture Industrialists, Cuneyt Yanikcioglu assessed the performance of the furniture industry in Turkey, which strives to be among the top 5 countries in the world.

g2How long have you personally been in furniture business?

Furniture is a family profession for three generations. My grandfather was one of the first masters in Kuledibi, Istanbul. Up until to may grandfather’s time, most of the craftsmen and masters were concentrated in Galata section of the city in the 1900’s.The voyage that my forefathers have started is still running with me as the third generation member of the family. This business is my life style, I grew with furniture, every topic was related with this. My father, 79, is still working as a master. Our business is as old as a century.

How fares the use of furniture in Turkey?

People in Turkey have different habits to use furniture. In our culture people do not replace their furniture frequently, but they keep them for years. It is also true for younger generations can not replace their furniture more frequently, because this is an expensive investment. Young couples prefer spend limited amount of money for their choices. So our sales become more limited in the country. However, replacement periods for the furniture are shorter in Europe.

How do you evaluate the position of Turkish furniture in the world?

“The Turkish furniture sector is an important sector that serves its own region and neighboring geography. The confusion in the world and the wars and conflicts between countries negatively affect the dynamics of the industry. If the furniture sector is still able to reach these export figures against internal and external factors, and if we can do something, it is obvious that we will reach to much better position in the world market. ”

g3What do you think about export performance of the industry?
Turkey has become the 12th largest exporters in the world with 2.1 billion dollars volume in 2015. 2016 targets, 3 billion dollars were realized as 2.7 billion and that carried Turkey to the tenth place. As Mobsad, our aim is to make it the fifth largest country by exporting more valuable products. We can produce our products at the aesthetic level of Italians, at German standards and by embellishing them with Turkish motifs. As members of Mobsad, we assume projects from all over the world for hotels and public buildings. We produce added value for the economy by exporting our products even to America and China. Turkish furniture is known as European products. Chinese began to prefer our products when our prices become more competitive. Small business in China are used to export, they don’t know imports. However, with our partners in China we try to overcome this barrier.

Will the furniture industry be able to hit the share in 2023 targets of Turkey?

The national target for 2023 is to export 500 billion dollars. As the furniture industry we aimed to produce 25 billion dollars worth of furniture and 10 billion dollars of sales in 2023. We strive to be the fifth biggest exporter country in the world. We enter new markets, such as Far East countries. We can get promising shares from these markets. To this end, small and medium sized businesses have to be supported and motivated, markets should be proliferated, promotional activities have to be improved.

What is your opinion about IMOB fair, the major meeting for the furniture industry? What do you think about the concurrent organization of two different fairs for the furniture industry?

As Mobsad, we are going to participate in IMOB Furniture Fair, held for the 13th time in CNR Expo. On 24 to 29 Jan. 2017. This is an important event for small and medium sized furniture companies. The problems with these two events are a matter of timing. They are held one after the other only ten days after. Since the number of companies is beyond the limits of only one venue, some companies could not find room for themselves. So, they participate in other fair. In my opinion, these two event should be organized at the same time but in separate locations, visitors should be shuttled between the two. Thus they will be able to visit both economically. The competition among the fair organizers causes harm for the furniture industry.

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