Special Textile & Machinery Event In Interzum 2017: Breaking New Ground For Living Spaces

Textile & Machinery

Under the motto “Mobile Spaces”, Special Textile & Machinery show that Interzum fully satisfies even the interests of the mobile space designers.

Textile & MachineryInterzum, the leading global trade fair for the furniture industry subcontractors and suppliers, has been always associated with traditional environments such as apartments, offices, hotels or public buildings. Fair organizers and new participants in the fair will demonstrate

the importance of Interzum for the new target as designers, fitters and furnishers through a special show in a special segment, Textile & Machinery in the month of May. Events and product presentations under the heading “Mobile Spaces” are designed for professional groups that design, develop and implement mobile spaces. The expectations of these occupational groups show some differences compared to those who design fixed places. Visitors will be able to track these differences in the special event space.

Textile & MachineryIn the Interzum 2017’s “Textile & Machinery” section, companies that develop innovative products and are leaders in the field of quality will exhibit assertive textile products and machines used in their processing. The product range extends from upholstery fabrics to weather-resistant outdoor fabrics. A special event area will be created in the middle of the Hall 10.1. The next main theme of this activity space, called “Piazza”, will be “Mobile Spaces”.

Matthias Pollmann, project coordinator for the interzum project stating that “the criteria that apply to fixed-space designs are exactly the same as those for designing, fitting and modernizing mobile living spaces such as cars, caravans or boats” And the fuara will be included in the new interzone entrepreneurs, who will be able to “watch closely” how they have developed new ideas.

Mobile space design addresses a very large area: from the automotive industry to boat design, to small home models that can be moved by wheel from train or plane transport, or by pick-up. In order to be able to evaluate the space reserved for these events in the best way,

Textile & MachineryThe exhibition will focus on “mobile living spaces on wheels”. Internationally designed events include a premium caravan produced in the size of buses used for intercity transportation, two different jobs as caravan and boat, which are developed by mobile home models (“Tiny Homes”) which are popular in America or Seafarer company built in Kiel Will have different products ranging from an unconventional design to possession. A 17,000-ton pond will be installed so that the two functions can be displayed more clearly. Participating companies in this section will also exhibit products that can be used in the design of mobile spaces.

Interzum Project Coordinator Matthias Pollmann describes the event as saying: “We want to give international visitors the ability to think in different categories to watch the Piazza events. Indeed, wherever there is a living space, it must be designed so that it can fulfill the functions demanded by it. We would like to introduce to mobile lifestyle designers the opportunities offered by the innovative products developed by the subsidiary industry in this special event space. Constant space designers will also be able to address a whole new target audience.

As a result, we aim to show that the Interzum offers an ideal platform for interdisciplinary communication in the field of “space” design. “Mobile Spaces” is a unique opportunity in this respect, and I think this new one has a significant development potential. ”

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