SAMET brings innovation to the drawer systems with Alphabox

Turkey’s leading furniture accessories brand SAMET makes difference in furnitures through Alphabox drawer systems.

SAMET, which has been developing its own technology for 44 years and exports to over 100 countries, offers innovative solutions marking the achievements of today and the future. SAMET is leading the furniture accessories industry in Turkey by the virtue of the products combining innovation and excellent design. And now SAMET adds an original touch to furniture, with its IF Design awarded Alphabox drawer systems.


1493024931_Alpha_Box_2Design is in details

Standing out with high quality railing technology and sophisticated functional attributes, Alphabox provides the utility and convenience needed in the living spaces. Alphabox drawer systems, which have a minimal and timeless design, offer maximum interior use by combining slim and vertical side panel design with high loading capacity. It also provides a freedom of design through limitless usage of tiles as well as white, grey and anthracite colour options fitting perfectly with bathroom and kitchen spaces.

Innovative in every aspect

With perfect movement feature and contemporary lines, Alphabox offers sleek and advanced solutions through push-open and soft-close functions and Invaria internal organizational systems that are in harmony with its elegant and modern design.


The Alphabox drawer systems with a distinctive stylish look, make drawer installation exceptionally easy as no tools or additional parts are required to assemble and disassemble the front panel and the catch system integrated to the gallery railings. It also provides right-left and up-down settings that can be easily applied inside the drawer. Alphabox requires no cutting process and the assembling of the 16 mm or 18mm base panels can be done easily without machining, which is a first in the world, making the production process fast and flawless. The Alphabox drawer systems finish furniture designs with a modern look.


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