Nurus Chief Designer Renan Gökyay: “In design, needs are guiding us”


Nurus, which has been successfully representing Turkey in international design, is transferring 90 years of knowledge and experience to young designers. Renan Gökyay, Member of the Nurus Executive Board and Chief Designer, met students at a panel held by Eskişehir Feyz Student Organization on 6-7 May with the theme of ‘Open Source Design’, and shared an innovative vision in industrial design and the clues to different and pioneering ideas in design.


nurus3Nurus, which started its history with the crafts of Nurettin Usta in Altındağ, Ankara in 1927, and has continued with its success and leadership in industrial design, is inspired by the designers of the future. Nurus, which has offered mentoring support to the knowledge production process of students at various universities across Turkey, was once again the main sponsor of this year’s organization of the Eskişehir Feyz, which was created by industrial design students.

Renan Gökyay pointed out that Nurus is the first brand to introduce the world’s most prestigious awards in industrial design to Turkey, and added that said in design, the needs are guiding us. However, you should also have the insight to set the demands. You need to have a young and innovative point of view, the power of observation and the R&D to develop technological solutions to offer designs that will support people’s quality of life. You need to take advantage of the open source design possibilities of the age of internet, and to establish an interactive innovation process. If you want to be a pioneering and followed brand in the design world, you can cannot overlook even one of these areas. “


Being a panelist at Eskişehir Feyz, where the success stories of experts and brands in the field were shared, Renan Gökyay revealed the following information to the students:


“Nurus plays a leading role in the development of Turkish industrial design in global market. We have begun to evaluate our tradition in crafts in the global competition environment based on design since the 90’s. We brought the Red Dot, Universal Design and Design Management Europe awards to the Turkish industry for the first time, and we saw that we have the power of knowledge, experience and creativity for global representation. We are the first brand that brings the IF Design Awards and Good Design Awards to the furniture sector in Turkey. Today we have over 50 design awards, including German Design Awards, Green Good Design and Plus X Awards. When we analyze our success in industrial design, we see that the formula is ‘triggering new habits’.


Critical question on design: How do we know what we want?

In the process of turning a small idea into new habits that will shape the world, an important question arises: ‘How do people know what they want’ If you miss out on the fact that design is a multidisciplinary space, you can simply answer this question ‘they are following trends and trainings’ and you can be a brand that follows the world closely. However, this does not make you a followed brand. If you want to become a brand that does not merely follow the world, but shapes the future by setting the habits, you should not overlook any parameters in the multidisciplinary world of design. If you cannot analyze the economic and cultural changes, the changing nature of the business world, and the social life expectancies of different generations, you will not be able to draw a scientifically consistent picture of the future with your designs. “


nurus2Designs embodying freedom: use of open source

Renan Gökyay reminded that using open source is one of the most important ways of triggering new habits in the information age, and said the following about the “Open Source Design”:


“An interactive manufacturing process is required for human-oriented designs. It is important to have a creation universe where the user is not excluded from the manufacturing process, and plays a determining role in the phase of innovation and production, on a more democratic and reciprocal basis. Design is successful only if embodies freedom. Nurus is nurtured by the philosophy of open source design, when it offers furniture designs that eradicate hierarchical discriminations to redesign the space, that make collaboration possible, and that contribute to the socialization of employees. We position the user as one of the main actors of the manufacturing band with a democratic and interactive design process. We believe in the importance of a model that is brought by interactivity, flexibility, and simultaneous flow of information.”


Among the great brands designing the future…

Gökyay emphasized that the company has been included in the world design authorities who shaped the future with its 90 years of knowledge and experience, and taking advantage of young brains, and said “The German Design Council is a union that has guided the future of the world with its work in innovation and design, but it has been very selective in its membership for 60 years. Only 10 of its 200 members are outside Germany, and Nurus which has created the first certified R&D center of Turkey in the field of office furniture has been the only Turkish brand included in this council.

Another ecosystem we cooperate with is the Fraunhofer Institute. It is the largest application research organization in Europe. With the Institute, we are working on the Office21 Project, which was launched in 1996 to study the working environments of the future by constantly renewing itself. We make visits to the working areas of brands that operate worldwide at specific periods. We study the latest trends, and share our knowledge with the world.”

Nurus believes in the importance of contributing to the production and sustainability of scientific knowledge in design, and provides mentoring support for the graduation theses of design students at different universities across Turkey, including Bilkent University, as well as sponsorship to the panel organization of Eskişehir Feyz Student Organization.



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