Kastamonu Entegre’s success story presented at Architecture and Design Summit


Kastamonu Entegre, the global player of the wood based panel sector in Turkey, has represented the sector at the Architecture and Design Summit that brought together the most prominent architects and designers of the world in Istanbul. The presentation titled “ A success story extending from Kastamonu City to Beverly Hills”  made by Naci Güngör, the Brand and Corporate Communications Manager, attracted considerable attention.


Panorama of contemporary stylish kitchen with elegant solid fixtureThe “Architecture and Design Summit” was organized by the Architectural Events at Haliç Congress Center between  April 14th -15th 2017. The event organized on the theme “ Interdisciplinary Interaction in the Architectural Design Process” has hosted visitors such as architects, interior architects, designers and other creative industry professionals. The summit has presented to its participants an expansive program oriented towards consolidating the relations of  architecture as profession, from its functional and esthetical features, with a lot of other disciplines such as industrial production, engineering, fine arts, philosophy and sociology.


The participants who visited the Kastamonu Entegre stand got information about the fire and moisture resistant particle boards and MDF products and printpan, lightpan, yongalam and medelam. The digitally printed MDF, the multilayer panels and colored MDF products became the architects’ and designers’ favorites.


The presentation entitled “ A success story extending from Kastamonu City to Beverly Hills”  made by the Brand and Corporate Communications Manager, Naci Güngör, which was highly appreciated at the two day summit, enjoyed a wide participation. The presentation, which emphasized the services, provided to architecture, design and other disciplines by the company that undersigned achievements at international scale, the innovative products materialized in this field and the recent projects, all received the deserved appreciation.


Naci Güngör, the Brand and Corporate Communications Manager of Kastamonu Entegre, evaluated the contribution made to interdisciplinary collaboration by the Architecture and Design Summit, which they have sponsored and said: “The summit brings together the local and foreign designers specialized in their field  and the professionals from all other disciplines closely related to architecture. The program, enriched with presentations, interviews and conferences, is turning into a platform where the best application examples and experiences are shared.”


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