Interzum 2017 Provides Momentum For Designers And Architects

g3From 16 to 19 May 2017, the next interzum event will present a wide variety of innovations for interior design and furniture manufacturing. As the world’s largest industry event in these fields, the fair provides a comprehensive overview of new technologies and design. A new hall layout provides even more space than before while a more compact allocation of floor space allows for shorter walking distances within the exhibition. The division of the event into the three segments “Materials & Nature” (Halls 4.2, 6 and 10.2), “Function & Components” (Halls 4, 5, 7 and 8) and “Textile & Machinery” (Halls 9, 10.1 and 11.1/11.2) allows visitors at interzum to find exactly what they are looking for as conveniently as possible.

With over 1,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries presenting their innovations, interzum is the industry’s largest event worldwide. More than 65 % of visitors and exhibitors come from abroad, making interzum the most international industry fair. At its 2017 edition, alongside the industry’s big names, plenty of smaller, highly innovative companies will again also be participating. International exhibitors will be showcasing an exciting and extraordinarily wide-ranging mix of new technologies, materials and surfaces. As drivers of innovation and suppliers of the entire interior design industry they are important partners in the development of new products and design trends. Precisely because of this wide range, not only do the most modern materials, components and manufacturing processes become visible at the fair, but also trends and visions for the design of future living spaces: topics such as conservation of resources, sustainability, upcycling and the increasing interest in digitalized living environments are all covered. Its flair for innovation makes interzum particularly interesting for creative professionals.

Following is what renowned architects and designers have to say about interzum:

Peter Ippolito, architect, Ippolito Fleitz Group (Stuttgart, Berlin, Shanghai):

“I find it very exciting that interzum is opening up more towards architects, as it is extremely interesting for us. There are a lot of innovations in surfaces, which play an increasingly important role in our work. In the innovative formats of the fair in particular, certain cross-references and relationships can be discovered that generally are not so evident in our daily project work.”

g2Sylvia Leydecker, interior architect and materials expert, 100% Interior (Cologne):

“In the past, designs were limited by the materials available. Nowadays, the range of that which is feasible has expanded significantly. The technologies shown at interzum make possible evermore exciting developments, as they give us more options to work with a particular material or surface. For me as an interior designer, interzum and the fair’s special formats are essential because they map how we will be thinking in the future.

Christian Tschersich, architect, Lava (Stuttgart, Berlin, Sydney):

“Very often, our work is related to issues of well-being, such as the question as to how far an environment can have a stimulating effect on people. In this respect, the materials chosen are incredibly important in terms of colour values, haptics and acoustics. With its combination of trade fair, exhibition and special formats, interzum is pursuing a forward-looking approach – the event revolves around innovation.”

Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven, architect and interior designer (Düsseldorf):

“I like the narrative element in surfaces and their communicative aspect. I find it amazing what the exhibitors have to offer at interzum – the variety of innovative materials and surface finishes”.

Prof. Mark Blaschitz, architect, Splitterwerk (Graz/Austria):

“We are looking for innovative materials and combinations of materials that support our ideas of design. Where previously we could only develop one-off pieces, nowadays we have a completely different range of options. In architecture, just as in the auto industry, we can now produce shapes that are not determined by the semi-finished product, but by our own designs. The development of interzum has been very good and the special formats in particular are very interesting for me.”

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